November 28th 2016

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving. I sure did! This was a great week. 

On Tuesday we had District Meeting and Sister Ackerman and I instructed at it. We talked about miracles and how there are miracles everyday. The biggest miracle as missionaries is that we are out on our missions. This is a big miracle because missions change lives. It has changed mine. 

We were able to go to the Family History Center with Sister Carter the returning less active sister. She found so many names. It was so neat because she literally started her family history from the very beginning. No one has ever done it for her family. When I opened my family tree up that was a whole other story. Wow Grandma Bullock you have done a lot of family history! We were finding family names to take to the temple.

We had exchanges with the Canyon YSA sisters. I went with Sisters Jenkins and Hayes. Sister Jenkins is going home with me. She is a sweet sister. 

We then had Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving morning all the missionaries in Lubbock went to the Salvation Army and helped serve food. It was fun to be able to do service on Thanksgiving and meet so many great people. We all got tee shirts and had a good time. We then went to a dinner appointment and this dinner  was super interesting. They had a Viking Thanksgiving. It was at the Harrington’s home. So we could only eat with wooden spoons or our hands and instead of turkey they had game hen. Odd but good. After that we went to another meal appointment at Lova’s house and had a traditional Thanksgiving dinner. Lova is like our grandma out here. We love her a lot. The rest of our Thanksgiving Day we spent with the other missionaries playing dodgeball. So fun! 

This past Friday the Christmas Initiative #LighttheWorld was launched and that was super exciting because it is the best missionary/teaching opportunity. The video is so amazing! Go share it with your friends and check it out.

Well this is my last week as a missionary…super sad. Don’t know what to think.We are just going to finish this transfer with a bang and have so much fun sharing the gospel. There is nothing like being a missionary. I love it!

Love y’all!

Sister Rosenvall

Flowers that Dad sent to me. My 18th month picture and celebrating by going out to eat. A picture with the ESL missionaries. Doing service at Salvation Army on Thanksgiving Day. Picture of all of the Lubbock Zone Sisters and Sister Heap. A Viking Thanksgiving and also dinner at Lova’s house. Beautiful Texas flag. It was my companion Sister Ackerman’s 21st birthday today. So we celebrated! There is nothing like a birthday on a mission.

Sister Lova Keele-Diggs sent a text home to Mom and the other parents of my companions on Thanksgiving and it went as follows: I want you parents to know I just love your girls. They are the sweetest and best mannered girls I have had the privilege of having in my home. I’m so proud they came here for Thanksgiving. I enjoy them so much and I am going to miss them terribly. Thanks again for such great young women.




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