November 21st 2016

This was a different week. We had to stay inside for a day because I got sick. That is weird as a missionary. We are always out and about and so it was strange not going outside.

At the beginning of the week we had exchanges with the Clovis Sisters. That was fun. I went with Sister Clements. She is a brand new missionary. Sister Hayes came with us as well so I was with two brand new missionaries for the day. That was an adventure. We went finding and knocking and we saw so many miracles. We found two new families who are interested and receptive and one man. This man was walking his dog. We started talking to him. He told us that his wife died four months ago. It was not a coincidence that we were talking to him. He started to tear up when we were talking about the gospel and how families can be together forever. He said we can share more with him. I love talking to people on the streets. People’s stories fascinate me. Everyone has a story.

So Sister Carter (Carters are one of my favorite families) went to the temple for the first time this weekend. Wow it was the coolest experience ever! It has been so fun teaching this family from square one and helping them come back into the church. Their family is a miracle. She was so happy the entire time and said that she just felt peace and calmness the entire time. She is going to be endowed in a couple of weeks. Miracles are happening. Then on Sunday she taught her first Relief Society lesson. She killed it. So good. I was so proud of her:)

At the end of the week I got super sick. Not fun. I have gone 18 months without being sick and of course on my 18 month mark I get sick. Heavenly Father is teaching me something. We had to take it pretty easy. I slept a lot.Then Sister Hayes got sick. Poor thing. It was an interesting weekend. Luckily we are all good now. 

Oh yeah I hit my 18 month mark.

Love y’all!

Sister Rosenvall



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