November 14th 2016

Hey family!

Tim is going to do so well on his mission in the Philippines! I can’t wait to see all the fun things he will experience.

So this week was pretty good. It flew by so fast. 

At the beginning of the week Sister Ackerman had two doctors appointments for her head. She had to get a MRI and we now know that she doesn’t have a brain tumor! What a relief. We are now waiting for her to be able to see a neurologist. Pray for her. Her poor head hurts her a lot but she is such a trooper.

Since it was the election this week we helped these two older ladies that we do service for decorate for their democratic party. One of ladies is named Billie. It was the weirdest thing we did all week. Picture this: three missionaries decorating for a democratic party with Hillary Clinton’s face everywhere. Most Texans are Republican.We put balloons all over the room. It was downtown Lubbock and I had never been downtown before.

Our recent convert Tina wants to get her patriarchal blessing so we taught her about what this is. She is set up to have an interview with the bishop and then she is going to get a blessing. Super exciting. She is progressing so much. Ever since she got baptized she hasn’t slowed down with her learning. She just craves the gospel. 

We went on exchanges with the Frenship South Sisters who are Sisters Wilson and Hewitt. I went with Sister Wilson and Sister Hayes came with us. Sister Wilson is still in training and wow she is so prepared. We had a fun day at the food bank and teaching a less active. I learned a lot from her about teaching with the spirit. She was working on recognizing the spirit and we had some cool experiences with following the spirit. Missionary work is so amazing. Miracle after miracle. 

We taught a less active family this week for the first time in weeks. They got baptized last year but fell away. Randomly the mom texted us this week and wanted us to come and teach their family again. That was a miracle. They want to make some changes in their lives. The Rangel family is so incredible. They need to realize what a blessing the gospel truly is. 

We had an early Thanksgiving this week with one of our favorite families the Carters. Her kids will be at their dads this Thanksgiving so we were able to celebrate early! I just love their family and the changes they are making. We are going to the temple with her hopefully this week and she is receiving her patriarchal blessing my last Sunday on my mission. That was another miracle.

Also I really love my companions. They are heaven sent and I know we will be friends forever. We have had some incredible and spiritual bonding experiences and I am not excited to say goodbye to them. I love them a lot.

Love y’all!

Sister Rosenvall

Exchanges. Carrying all the balloons into the democratic party.My companions Sisters Ackerman and Hayes.We were in the hospital and I saw the cutest baby picture. I was looking at the picture and my companion took a picture of me. This was while we were waiting for Sister Ackerman who was getting her MRI. The next picture we took was after waiting 2 hours in the hospital. It was a long day. Sister Hayes and I walking down a long street in our area. A picture with Hillary Clinton.



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